Bringing together diverse human resources to promote free,
challenging and interdisciplinary research unconstrained
by existing frameworks,
and take on the challenge of medical innovation.


Pioneering Research Division

For the purpose of developing next-generation cutting-edge research and young researchers, we provide young researchers with an independent research environment, and emergently based on free ideas using next-generation research methods such as data science and AI technology. We have also introduced a tenure track system for some posts. We try to develop outstanding young researchers who will support the future of Japan and the world.

International Joint Research Division

Invite excellent foreign researchers to promote international joint research on aging science and non-communicable diseases such as dementia, and establish a double or joint degree program (PhD)with the National University of Malaysia, a sister university.

Advanced Medical Research and Development Division

We will research and develop core technologies addressing unmet clinical needs through flexible medical-engineering collaborations and produce cutting-edge medical devices and systems based on these core technologies through solid academic-industry partnerships.